Zodiac WX

The NEW Zodiac WX is the world's first fully integrated OpenFlow® Wireless Access Point designed for use in your home. It is a high powered ceiling / wall mountable Dual-Band AC1200 AP that includes 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports and support for PoE. We have integrated our Zodiac OpenFlow® engine directly into the wireless drivers so not only can you create flows to and from each wireless device, but also between wireless devices. This will provide significant improvements for security and usability particularly for IoT devices. The Zodiac WX works with any standard OpenFlow® 1.3 compatible controller and requires no modifications as it simply looks to the controller like a 65 port Ethernet switch. Includes a 12v DC power adaptor (please select the correct plug type) and FREE shipping by FedEx Priority.


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SDN without wires™

For the first time the full power of Software Defined Networking and OpenFlow® is available for wireless devices. Create a Software Defined Network in your home or office and have complete visibility and control of all your wireless devices. Write your own SDN applications using any of the commercial or open source controllers such as Open Daylight, RYU, Floodlight and many more. As always the firmware is completely open source so you can modify and create any new features you like. The firmware is based on LEDE (a fork of OpenWRT) so there are also hundreds of additional packages you can download and install.

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