Zodiac FX - Lab Pack

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    The Zodiac FX Lab Pack includes 4 of the world's smallest and most affordable OpenFlow switches and SAVE 22%. Perfect for research labs, training or multi-switch development where a single device is just not enough. 

    1. 4 x 10/100Mbs Ethernet Ports
    2. Amtel SAM4E8CA Processor
    3. Microchip KSZ8795CLX Managed Ethernet Switch
    4. USB Serial and Web Based Configuration
    5. Compatible with OpenFlow 1.0 & 1.3
    6. Full Open Source Firmware
    7. USB Powered
    8. JTAG debugger and SPI headers
    9. Size: 100mm x 80mm
    10. Weight: 115 grams
    11. 12 Month Warranty

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