Zodiac FX

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    The Zodiac FX is the first OpenFlow switch designed to sit on your desk, not in a datacenter. Finally you can develop SDN applications using real traffic from real hardware. Until now the power of Software Defined Networking (SDN) was only available to the administrators of large corporate networks but now it is available to you too. 

    1. 4 x 10/100Mbs Ethernet Ports
    2. Amtel SAM4E8CA Processor
    3. Microchip KSZ8795CLX Managed Ethernet Switch
    4. USB Serial and Web Based Configuration
    5. Compatible with OpenFlow 1.0 & 1.3
    6. Full Open Source Firmware
    7. USB Powered
    8. JTAG debugger and SPI headers
    9. Size: 100mm x 80mm
    10. Weight: 115 grams
    11. 12 Month Warranty

Do you want to learn about Software Defined Networking?

If you have been trying to learn about SDN without success… if you have read books about it and watched Youtube videos… if it still doesn’t really make sense… then I can help you. Here’s how…
By allowing you to learn it using real network traffic, on real hardware, and see how SDN and OpenFlow ACTUALLY work. You can also do it without spending a fortune, with a device that is ready to go straight out of the box, and fits in your pocket!

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