Zodiac FX - How do I update the firmware?

Using the web interface (v0.81 and later)

  1. Download the latest Zodiac FX update firmware from here
    • The file should be titled ZodiacFX_vXX_Update.bin
  2. Connect to the Zodiac FX web interface (Google Chrome strongly recommended)
  3. Click on the "Update f/w" page.
  4. Click "Choose File" and browse for the downloaded firmware update file
  5. Click "Upload File" and wait for the process to complete
  6. When you see the screen below, click "Restart" to apply the changes.


For further instructions, see the User Guide.


Using Atmel SAM-BA

If your Zodiac FX is running firmware earlier than v0.81, you must use SAM-BA to update to the latest firmware.


  1. Download and install the SAM-BA programming utility
  2. Download the latest full firmware from here
    • The file should be titled ZodiacFX_vXX_Full_Install.bin
  3. Disconnect the USB cable from the Zodiac FX
  4. While the switch is disconnected, close the ERASE jumper
  5. Reconnect the USB cable, wait 5 seconds, and then disconnect it again
    • This will erase the firmware and reset the boot flag to allow the flash utility to communicate with the Zodiac FX
  6. Move the ERASE jumper back to the open position
  7. Connect the USB cable to the device again and open the SAM-BA utility
  8. Ensure the correct COM port is displayed (identified in Devices & Printers) and that the board type is as shown below
  9. Click "Connect"
  10. Browse for the Full Install firmware file in the "Send File Name" field
  11. Click "Send File" to upload the firmware to the device
  12. If prompted to "Lock region(s)", select "No"
  13. Under the "Scripts" section, select "Boot from Flash (GPNVM1)" from the drop-down list, and click "execute"
  14. Disconnect and reconnect the USB cable again to restart the Zodiac FX
  15. Verify the firmware version with the "show version" CLI command, or via the web interface home page


For further instructions, see the User Guide.

 If you'd like to update the firmware via command line instead, see the detailed instructions on GitHub.