Zodiac FX FAQ

Does the Zodiac FX run Linux or OVS?
No, the Zodiac FX uses a purpose built firmware created using Atmel Studio. The firmware is Open Source so you can modify it and reload it via the USB port.

Why does it have 100Mbs ports instead of Gigabit?
We really wanted everyone to have access to affordable OpenFlow hardware which is why the Zodiac FX has 10/100 Fast Ethernet ports. If it was to have Gigabit ports the design would have to be significantly more complex and expensive to produce due to the increased processor power required.

Which SDN Controllers will work with the Zodiac FX?
The Zodiac FX should work with any OpenFlow compliant SDN Controller.

What sort of things could I do with the Zodiac FX?

There are so many things that you can do with the Zodiac FX and and the appropriate SDN application, here are some ideas:

* Keep track of you Internet usage. 
* Stop certain traffic, like things the kids shouldn't have access to. 
* Give priority time sensitive traffic such as online games. 
* Send traffic down different links if you have more then one. 
* Block certain devices. 
* Create alerts.

Is there somewhere I can go to ask questions or get help?
The Northbound Networks Forum is the place to go for the latest information, updates and to share your knowledge with other Zodiac FX users.

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