Zodiac FX - Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface provides the ability to configure settings and monitor the operation of the Zodiac FX. To simplify operations the CLI uses the concept of a “context”, limiting the available commands to the currently selected context. The are currently 4 available contexts:

  • Base (no context)
  • Config
  • OpenFlow
  • Debug

To enter the required context simply type the name of the context on the command line while at the base level. To return to the base level type “exit”. The current context is shown in brackets between the device name and the prompt. For example, the config context would show: Zodiac_FX (config)#

The following sections describe the commands available within each context. Please note that commands are case-sensitive (lowercase).



config - Enter the “config” context.

openflow - Enter the “openflow” context.

debug - Enter the “debug” context.

show ports - Displays information about each ethernet port including state, VLAN membership and traffic statistics.

show status - Displays the current device status.

show version - Display the firmware version.

restart - Restarts the Zodiac FX.

help - Display a list of available commands.



save - Saves the current configuration to non-volatile memory.

restart - Restarts the Zodiac FX. Any unsaved configurations will be lost.

show config - Display the current device configuration.

show vlans - Displays a list of the currently configured VLANs.

set name <name> - Sets the device name. Maximum of 16 characters, entries will be truncated.

set mac-address <mac address> - Sets the MAC address of the device. The MAC address assigned to the device is located on a label on the underside of the device.

set ip-address <ip address> - Sets the device IP address.

set netmask  <netmask> - Set the device netmask.

set gateway <ip address> - Sets the default gateway of the device.

set of-controller <ip address> - Sets the IP address the OpenFlow controller.

set of-port <tcp port> - Sets the TCP port of the OpenFlow Controller.

set failstate <secure|safe> - Sets the failstate of the Zodiac FX. When set to ‘secure’, all traffic is blocked when contact with the controller is lost. When set to ‘safe’, existing flows will be processed until they time out. The default configuration is ‘secure’.

add vlan <vlan id> <vlan name> - Creates a new VLAN. Valid IDs are 1-4096 and names must be less than 16 characters.

delete vlan <vlan id> - Deletes an existing VLAN.

set vlan-type <type> - Set the VAN to either ‘openflow' or ‘native’

add vlan-port <vlan id> <port> - Assigns a ethernet port to the designated VLAN. A port can only be a member of one VLAN.

delete vlan-port <port> - Remove the named Ethernet port from a VLAN.

factory reset - Configures and saves the configuration back to the factory test configuration. Note: the MAC address is not reset and will remain at it’s current value and a restart is required to apply the changes.

set of-version <version(0|1|4)> - Sets the device to only connect to an controller using the OpenFlow  version specified. A value of 0 disables this function and allows the device to negotiate the version.

set ethertype-filter <enable|disable> - Enable or disable Ethertype filter functionality. When enabled, Zodiac FX will ignore packets of a non-standard Ethertype.

exit - Return the context back to the base level.



show status - Displays the OpenFlow status.

show flows - Displays a list of the currently installed flows.

show meters - Displays a list of the currently configured meters and associated meter bands.

enable - Enables the Openflow functionality. 

disable - Disables the OpenFlow functionality.

clear flows - Clears the flow tables.

exit - Return the context back to the base level.



read <register> - Display the value of the KSZ8795 register.

write <register> <value> - Writes the value into the defined KSZ8795 register.

exit - Return the context back to the base level.