Flow Maker FAQ

Do I have to use the HP SDN Controller with Flow Maker?
Flow Maker has been exclusively designed for use with the HP SDN Controller. 

I added a flow but nothing happen.
As some SDN switches and/or simulators do not fully comply to the OpenFlow standards they may not return an Overlap error in the event that a flow is applied where an identical one already exists. In this situation a second flow will be saved in the configuration file and applied again if the first one copy is deleted.

I tried to install Flow Maker on the HP SDN Controller but got a "App could not be verified error"?
As Flow Maker is regarded as a Community application it has not been digitally signed like some of the HP or Tier 2 applications. To install Flow Maker you must first disable Jar-Signing Validation on the controller, the process for this is detailed in section 8.7.2 of the HP SDN VAN Controller Administrators Guide. The following video describes the process of turning off Signature checking on the HP SDN Controller.

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