SDN Resource List

SDN Resource List

We get asked all the time for information on SDN and what resources are available so I thought I would put a list together and add to it as new links are found. Got any you would like to add, please let us know.


SDN Controllers

RYU - Open source controller written in Python with an extensive API set. This is our recommended controller.

OpenDaylight - One of the most widely used controllers, particularly is commercial environments. It is feature rich but also very complex and may not be receommended for the beginner.

Floodlight - A good open source Java based controller but hasn't seen any love for a little while.

HP SDN VAN - A commercial grade enterprise controller with and great UI and API set. This used to be my favourite controller, but it seems to be forgotten by HP so I wouldn't receommended using it if you intend of developing applications to sell in the future.

ONOS - A great controller that is in active development and has the support of a number of large companies. Directed more towards carriers so may not be the best choice for a beginner.

Faucet - One of the best examples of what is possible with SDN. Built on RYU, it has heaps of features including VLANS, ACLs, L2 switch, L3/4 Routing and so much more.


SDN Tutorials

Inside OpenFlow - A lot of great information and tutorials on RYU, Faucet and SDN in general.

SDN Hub - Lots of SDN tutorials and a great pre-built controller VM to help get you started.

GNS3 - Both Free and Paid courses, some of the best you'll find on the Internet. 

Coursera - Home of Dr Nick Feamster's famous SDN course.

Udemy - Free SDN basic course. Also has lots of other great courses and all sorts of topics.


Zodiac FX Tutorials

Northbound Networks Youtube - Plenty of tutroials on setting up and using the Zodiac FX.

Ad Hoc Node - Maen Artimy has put together some great Zodiac FX tutorials and tests, as well as lots of other information.

VK5TU - Glen Turner's excellent Zodiac FX setup tutorial.

Petanode - Review and setup tutorial.

Faucet Blog - Setting up the Zodiac FX with a Raspberry Pi controller and Faucet.


General SDN Information

ONF - The ONF maintain the OpenFlow standard and have a lot information on SDN architecture.

SDX Central - SDN industry news and vendor guide.

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